Singer/songwriter/bass & acoustic guitarist-formally of Medicine Man and Third Stage, who won the Warner Robins Battle of the Bands. Kenny began performing professionally at age 18 and has opened for a number of famous bands, some of which includes: Sea Level, Stillwater, White Witch, George Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others. Kenny has also performed with artists such as John Anderson, Gordy Tapp (from the Hee Haw Show) and Sonny Shroyer (Enis from the Dukes of  Hazzard show). Because of his versatility, he has had the opportunity to record tracks at Muscadine Studio, Dew Recording, Phoenix Sound, and Jolley Sound Studios. He has also recorded at the famous Capricorn Studios for Tad Bush (engineer for Lynyrd Skynyrd's Street Survivors), and has performed in videos televised on Fox 58's Georgia Jam. His song writing abilities have enabled him to excel further in his music; he has written and co-written music and lyrics which have been recorded by other artists, as well as the award-winning songs of Third Stage in 1994. His musical experience stems from r&b, rock & roll, funk, country, folk, gospel. As a child, Kenny was exposed to various family members (professional and amateur) who "jammed" on the front porches of their mountain homes, thus inspiring his love for music from a very young age. Come, listen, and groove to the ongoing strive for perfection of his rock-solid sounds.


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